Wht is http proxy server

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol for sending and displaying files (text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia files) on the Internet. The HTTP Proxy is a high performance content filter. It examines Web traffic to identify suspicious content, which can be a spyware, malformed content, or another type of attack. It can also protect your Web server from attacks from the external network using protocol anomaly detection rules to identify and deny suspicious packets.

HTTP Proxy Advantages
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An HTTP Proxy serves two intermediary roles as an HTTP Client and an HTTP proxy Server for  safety and security. The HTTP Proxy routes HTTP Client requests from a Web browser to the Internet, while supporting the hidding of Internet data.

http Proxy server advantages:
1- Maintaining identity anonymity as a security precaution.
2- Accelerating caching rates.
3- Facilitating access to prohibited sites.
4- Enforcing access policies on certain websites.
5- Allowing a site to make external server requests.
6- Avoiding security controls.
7- Bypassing Internet filters for access to prohibited content.

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