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Does  Proxy browser support YouTube and facebook?
Free online proxy browser is a free proxy ,free of any charge used by students and workers at their offices to never been recognised by boss that they are using work network for their private .
proxy browser can easily unblock YouTube and allow you to Watch HD videos ,also support facebook and let you connect ,share with friends as no filters .
Proxy browser hides your ip address:

Do you know that every internet user has his own ip address to connect on networks worldwide?And do know that all ip addresses are different from each others?

An ip address is a number given to you by your internet provider to be rcognised on the net.

so when you browse sites,videos or whatever usually you have to send a request on any browser after few seconds you get the answer.

Thats you who get the answer and not some body else?why?

Because of your ip address which is unique.

you sent the request you get the answer.

Thats why users today are very attractive to use a proxy such as proxy browser to keep their privacy hidden .

online proxy browser is a free proxy used widely.every user used online proxy browser for the high purpose:

hide his own private ip address and access blocked websites.Bypass Filters in countries such as china.

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When you use proxy browser you get straight away an aditional ip address.

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